Sunday, June 21st, 2015

When it received over 3,000 visitors in June 2014, Innovative City achieved another milestone that confirms its international reach and establishes it as a major European event in the area of smart and sustainable cities.
Innovative City is an international growth accelerator, powered by the core features that have built its success:

• A mix of businesses, ideas and initiatives
• Creation and development of business ecosystems to undertake projects
• First-hand accounts and experience sharing

Smart physical networks have become a part of everyday life. Now it is apps and their uses, where different networks connect, that deliver a competitive edge and boost regional development. Applications and services tailored to citizens and managed by the local authority will protect and retain users while at the same time developing a new service economy. Everyday applications known as «City Apps» are our gateway to the smart city experience. We are moving from the concept of «smart city analytics» to the idea of a «Wise Metropolis». City Apps are ushering in a new phase of regional development and smart specialisation. The 2015 edition of Innovative City comes with the tagline «City Apps».

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