April 20, 2021 Tech Talent – Explore how to attract, retain and manage tech talents

20/0410:00 - 11:00

With the acceleration in digital, the demands on technology — for speed, flexibility, reliability, security, and value — have radically increased. For company leaders reviewing how to transform their organizations, one tricky question is emerging: Where do I find the people to do all the work? Companies have to hire the best, but that won’t be enough. They’ll also need to rethink how they reskill and upskill their people. People are the most important factor for a company’s growth, especially in its early stages of development. How to find the right people and how to get a better understanding on how to create great teams?

18th of May 17h30-19h00 - “Virtual Networking - Meet the new CCSF members”

18/0517:30 - 19:00

It is time to meet and network again!

This event is for our new and old CCSF members, to give you the opportunity to meet each other and our board members.

We will also discuss your needs and expectations on the Chamber’s services and activities in the future.

The connection link (Zoom) will be sent to you later.

As we have new members that do not speak French, the event will be held in English.

(Only CCSF members can attend)

Emerging stronger, vol. 4: Does it really take a pandemic for us to accelerate innovation?

19/0515:00 - 16:00

Recessions and game changing events – such as pandemics – can change the trajectory of economies, governments and businesses, and essentially alter the course of history. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, societies and businesses have had to dramatically alter the way they operate, compromising work environments and posing challenges to the status quo. We have seen unprecedented adaption and development of new technological solutions, fundamentally changing the game. But does it really take a global crisis, such as the current pandemic, to accelerate innovation at this speed? Will it keep changing as we settle into a new reality, and the world slowly opens up again, or will we slow down? What is next in innovation, and how we do keep accelerating? Simply, how do we emerge stronger?

Comité RH CCSF (réservé aux membres Premium)

26/0508:00 - 10:00

26th May 8h00-10h00

Topic: “How companies and HR can help create and foster a stronger meaning (Sens du Travail) in preparing for a Post Covid era”.

27th May 11h30 (CET) Webinar: Working with Brand Sweden

27/0511:30 - 13:00

What happens when you apply the concept of branding to an entire country? Can companies and nations co-brand on their identity? Why and how? What are the benefits and limits?

You are welcome to join us in reflecting on how Sweden and Swedish companies may join forces in co-branding. How can a nation and companies reflect each other’s assets and thus strengthen their positions?

6 décembre: Conference Circular Economy, Soirée Franco-Suédoise avec remise du Prix d'Excellence

06/1218:00 - 19:00

Plus d’information sous peu.
* Sous réserve de l’évolution de la situation sanitaire.