Wednesday, October 17th, 2018


French-Swedish Conference on Batteries

Green Batteries: Innovation for Today and Tomorrow

Implementing the French-Swedish partnership for innovation and green solutions



Date&Time : Friday 30th of November, 8:30-14:45 (registration and coffee from 8:00)

Place : KTH, Lindstedsvägen 30, Stockholm

Lunch/mingle : 12:00-13:15

Participation, lunch and coffee is all free of charge



The development of low-carbon economies is key to achieve the 2 degrees target set by the Paris Agreement. The transport sector is today the largest emitter of CO2 emissions in France and in Sweden. Both countries have taken ambitious steps to cut these emissions: France announced a ban on sales of greenhouse gas-emitting vehicles by 2040 and Sweden introduced the target of a national vehicle fleet independent of fossil fuel by 2030.


Green transportation” is one of the key pillars of the French-Swedish Strategic Partnership for Innovation and green solutions signed by President E. Macron and Prime Minister S. Löfven in November 2017. New exchanges of experience in the field of battery development and e-mobility were proposed in the partnership.


France and Sweden have been highly committed to develop the battery production in Europe and provided early support to the European Battery Alliance (EBA) launched in October by Commissioner M.Sefcovic, and to the European Research Institute Alistore. Major French and Swedish stakeholders (Northvolt, SAFT, etc.) are active members. The French and Swedish Ministers for Transport announced this conference in a joint statement in Göteborg in June.


The conference, organized by the French Embassy (Economic department and the French Institute) and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, is structured around three round tables, besides the opening speeches by high-level personalities:


  • Why push for a European battery production? Exchanges on the strategic role of a competitive manufacturing value chain in Europe with sustainable battery cells to accompany the energy transition (economic and technical feasibility, prospects for next generation battery systems, views of main public and private stakeholders (Northvolt, SAFT, InnoEnergy, banks/investors, etc.). The critical issue of “green” batteries (growing need for recycling solutions, carbon footprint) will be discussed.


  • Batteries, the new industrial revolution: how to jump on board? Touching upon the market penetration of batteries in various key sectors for energy transition, in particular in the transport sector (E-mobility: views of Renault, Volvo, etc.)


  • What’s next? An overview of leading-edge research on batteries. Exchanges on next generation battery (time horizon, storage capacity, technological risks, and feasibility). Future challenges: spent batteries (State of the art technologies for recycling and perspectives) and impacts on electricity network (risks and opportunities for the energy system).



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