Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

Business Climate Survey France 2020

Message to representatives for Swedish companies in France.

We will contact representatives for Swedish companies in France in order to participate in this survey by the end of this week.

We count on your valuable contribution and participation!

The Business Climate Survey is an important tool used by Team Sweden worldwide. The survey is based upon a new unique partnership concluded between Business Sweden and Swedish Chambers International (“SCI”), the association of Swedish Chambers of Commerce abroad. In France, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in France and Business Sweden, will collaborate to collect and handle the information in order to map the opportunities and challenges Swedish companies face when doing business in France.

The Business Climate Survey will be able to:

  • Contribute to gaining knowledge on how Swedish firms view the French market
  • Ensure that Team Sweden, investors and other actors of importance for the development of your French investments and business activities can support you in the best possible way
  • Contribute to the positioning of Swedish companies in France and globally, and the spreading Swedish know-how

All data will be treated confidentially, anonymously and will be aggregated, so that no individual company’s response can be identified.

A complete comparative analysis will be presented at the World Trade Day in Stockholm on August 25, 2020, followed by local country presentations. In France a special Team Sweden BCS event with the Swedish Embassy is planned for September. For any information about this survey, please contact Katarina.loof@ccsf.fr