Webinar Corona- How hard and How long ?

Monday May 11th at 17h00

Webinar: Corona – How hard and How long ?
With Professor Sven Britton
Swedish specialist of infectious diseases at Karolinska Institutet

As from 1986, Sven Britton became physician at the infection clinic at Danderyds hospital in Stockholm and then professor of infectious diseases at Karolinska Institutet Stockholm.

Sven Britton has undertaken long-term professional stays in Ethiopia and Ghana with research and work on leprosy, HIV and tuberculosis .

He is a frequent debater on public policy issues, especially related to health care.

The conference will be in english.

This event is organized in collaboration between the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in France, SNS, le Cercle Suédois and l’Église Suédoise.

The registered participants will receive an email with a link to connect to the webinar. This email (from ines.dizengremel@ccsf.fr) will be sent out by lunch time the day of the webinar.

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