Q&A Business Breakfast – Get GDPR Ready

To assist our member companies in their preparation for the new regulations, CCSF offers a second meet-up on GDPR.

Prepare your questions and Privasee will guide you during our interacive Meetup on April 11th.


Curious on how getting GDPR-ready can strengthen your brand and increase customer loyalty?

Are you on the right track on your GDPR-journey?
How do you solve challenges?


This Meetup is organized in partnership with Privasee and in collaboration with Internago.

Special guests Dena Dervanovic, GDPR Privacy Legal Advisor and Jennifer Ekström, from Privaseetogether with Laurent Verdes, GDPR-certified lawyer in France. They will answer your questions and share exclusive advises on how to make sure your company is GDPR-Ready.

The Q/A Business Meetup will be held in English.

Privasee will offer training sessions in Paris from May and onwards. More information about these training sessions will be available online shortly. Click here if you are interested in more information.




11th April at Chambre de Commerce Suédoise en France 39 Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, 75008 Paris
  • 08.00 to 08.30 Registration and Breakfast
  • 08.30 to 10.00 Q&A – Get your company GDPR-Ready






















































Start: 3600-07-13 15:23
Slutar: 3600-07-13 15:23


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