Meet Simon Kuper, award-winning journalist at the Financial Times

Discussion on Brexit and the British ruling elite

The meeting is arranged by SNS Paris in collaboration with Chambre de Commerce Suédoise en France and Cercle Suédois.Simon Kuper who is one of the world’s leading columnists on urban culture, globalization, and soccer. He has covered and analysed the Brexit process and examined the cultural roots of the British elite.

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Award-winning Simon Kuper writes for the Financial Times on a wide variety of topics, from observations on city life to global politics and demographics. His articles are peppered with humour and insightful anthropological observations. Simon at present lives in Paris.

Simon Kuper has covered and analysed the Brexit process and examined the cultural roots of the British elite. He will talk about how Oxford university shaped Brexit — and Britain’s government.

In July this year Simon wrote in a column in the Financial times:
”When I arrived in Oxford aged 18 in October 1988, it was still a very British and quite amateurish university, shot through with dilettantism, sexual harassment, and sherry. Gove, Hunt and the much less political David Cameron had graduated that summer, and Johnson in 1987, but from my messy desk at the student newspaper Cherwell I covered a new generation of wannabe politicians. You couldn’t miss Jacob Rees-Mogg, seemingly the only undergraduate who always wore a suit, or the early Europhobe Dan Hannan. Both became ideological fathers of Brexit. I’m still covering them today”

The seminar will be held in English.

The meeting is arranged in cooperation between Chambre de Commerce Suédoise en France, SNS and Cercle Suédois.

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